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If the only thing stopping you from getting into video for your marketing
is your fear of either appearing visually or being heard during the video,
I have 3 words for you: GET OVER IT!

Even if you have a face for radio, that should not stop you. This is a
business, and video has become a HUGE piece in your online marketing mix.

Making videos of even just a few minutes in duration can drive visitors,
build valuable links, and help build authority to your pages. There are a
number of ways to create content videos, such as slideshows, live videos
featuring your computer screen, personal hand-held videos utilizing a
hand-held camera or your mobile device and more…

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the WORLD, and to be
ignoring the immense reach and traffic YouTube can bring is no longer an
option. The Web is becoming more and more competitive each day, and to
compete you need to use the best sources out there!

The chances for getting videos ranked these days in the organic search
results is enough for most marketers to drop everything and start cranking
out videos as fast as possible. The built-in authority YouTube carries is
usually enough to get your videos placed highly, sometimes even for very
competitive keywords.

So take it head on. Even if you can simply make slideshow videos, you’ll
be very happy with the results you come up with! The technology and
distribution you can apply to this medium makes it almost impossible not to
be successful with video marketing. Go and publish a video online today!


ShirleyAnn Pearman

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